2nd International Computer Engineering Conference
Engineering the Information Society

Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Cairo, EGYPT
December 26-28, 200

About Egypt

Egypt has six major tourist sites. Each has its own attractions, whether history, beaches or entertainment.
The following are the sites:

1. Cairo.
Cairo has history covering almost all ages, including the famous Pyramids. It has good shopping, food, and entertainment.

 2. Alexandria.
City of Alexander the Great, with a lot of Greco-Roman sites, and a Mediterranean flavor.
Has a nice shoreline tens of kilometers long.

3. Luxor and Aswan.
These are a living museum with vast numbers of ancient Egyptian monuments.

4. Red Sea.
Cities like Hurghada, Gouna, Safaga have nice beach
resorts with a lot of scuba diving.

 5. Sharm El Sheikh.
A major scuba diving center. Has beautiful beaches.

6. Sinai.
Has many beach resorts in El-Arish, Dahab, and Noweiba.
Has the famous Saint Catherine Monastery.